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With years of experience in the Financial Services Industries and Internet Startups, John Morris Consulting can provide your business with the necessary skills to successfully implement a wide variety of solutions in the following areas:
Database Consulting and Web Services
Most web services are backed by databases to provide up to date and dynamic information to customers, employees, and vendors. These systems should be designed and implemented using the best technologies and techniques available. John has many years of experience developing database backed web services on a variety of platforms and using multiple software development tools and systems.
Of particular interest to many companies is the dynamic integration of data from multiple source. These systems must be robust and have a high degree of security and thoughtful interfaces. John has enjoyed working with a variety of clients to help them design and develop their interaction with vendors, customers, and data sources.
Putting information in the hands of clients, internal and external, requires systems and procedures to publish data. John has worked with many different reporting tools, web development tools, and even hard copy publishing sites to deliver quality information to the end consumer.
Project Management
Software projects (or any other type of project!) can be delivered on time and in budget with careful planning and close monitoring of progress. Many techniques and tools are used for this important function. John has lead and participated in numerous projects using a wide spectrum of techniques and tools to make the process as smooth as possible.
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