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John has over 20 years of experience in technology companies including many years of working with various commercial and opens source databases. He now consults to companies of all sizes to help them organize, access, integrate, and publish their data.


John works with other skilled professionals and can bring together teams to deliver products including financial modeling, scientific programming, web site layout, graphic design, quality assurance, system administration, project management, documentation, publishing, and web services.




Yale University, B.S. Engineering Sciences, cum laude


Professional Experience

John Morris Consulting - Boston, MA Area - 2006 to present, President
John Morris Consulting provides Information Technology consulting to various clients in several industries. These services include database design and implementation, integration of data feeds, web site development, documentation and publishing, and software development.
Fidelity Investments - Boston, MA Area - 2006 to 2010
Provided Oracle database and project management services to the Fidelity Enterprise Database Group.


Smartleaf, Inc. - Cambridge, MA - 1999 to 2006, Co-Founder and VP Software Development
Smartleaf provides a fully automated, personalized service for tax, risk, and expense sensitive management of equity portfolios.

John ran all aspects of the software development effort including defining and prioritizing features, project planning, designing databases, providing Financial Services Industry know-how, facilitating systems and software design decisions, managing development / systems administration / QA, hiring, and supervising product releases. He managed teams of contributors, while also doing hands on work in SQL (Oracle), Perl and C/C++. He was also the technical contact for all pre-sales, integration and customer support issues.


Internet Securities, Inc. - Boston, MA - 1998 to 1999, Database Technical Leader

ISI collects, analyzes, and distributes key financial and business information for Emerging Markets.
John was the project lead for revamping the Internet Securities (ISI) file based web site to be database driven. A key design driver for the system was to ensure that operations could continue on all servers as new functionality was rolled out. He traveled to worldwide offices to lead workshops on new system features. Most programming was done in Perl and SQL. Both Oracle and MySql databases were used, running on RedHat Linux / Intel. He participated in due diligence meetings before ISI was sold to Euromoney, PLC. He designed, implemented, and rolled out a 50 GB Oracle database, which has 4 million news articles from 1000 providers, to enable advanced free-text searching using Oracle InterMedia. The articles were written in 20 different languages, including multi-byte (Chinese). He designed, implemented and rolled out file based queuing system to replicate data among 15 servers worldwide. He also developed a component to replicate information stored in MySql databases. 

Thomson Reuters - Boston, MA - 1993 to 1998, Team Leader and Database Developer 

Thomson Reuters is a multi-billion dollar provider of e-information and integrated work solutions to the worldwide financial communities.
John designed major parts of TFS’s next generation electronic trade confirmation products for the Electronic Settlements Group (now Omgeo). This included system architecture, Sybase database, data server applications, migration strategy, and messaging protocol specification. He led the development effort for Database and Host applications for new products, including requirements analysis, high level system design, scheduling, managing developers, hiring, tools selection. Technologies included Sybase, Neon Messaging, Java, Tuxedo, C/C++, UNIX, NT, web.sql, and HTML. He was the project leader and individual contributor for several mission critical (7x24) financial services products. These products enable parties in securities transactions to electronically settle trades. Major accomplishments included migration from ISAM files to Sybase database, application tuning which dramatically increased performance, introduction of standard error handling in ‘C’ and Sybase stored procedures, creating documentation of database and application functionality, and creating SQL / Unix based utilities for migrating existing hierarchical database to Sybase. He managed a team of 15 contributors. He was responsible for the entire Alert system and database components of the OASYS, OASYS Global, and Trade Matching systems.

Charles River Development - Woburn, MA - 1990 to 1993, Project Leader and Developer (Consultant)

CRD is a leader in providing solutions for order management, portfolio management, and compliance. When Mr. Morris worked at CRD, it specialized in Database consulting and sold a Database Modeling Tool.
John was a project leader for Oracle/Nexpert system for a financial company - a project which has led to the current CRD pre-trade compliance product. He designed the database and expert system to analyze security transactions to see if they comply with prospectus rules (pre-trade compliance engine). The projects he worked on required extensive interaction with client for requirements analysis and project management. In one assignment, he was the an on-site PowerBuilder/Sybase consultant. He established standards for PowerBuilder application development including application structure and database design. He developed SQR reports and user interface. He Designed and led development of a PowerBuilder/Sybase customer support application for insurance company. He enhanced an Oracle application for telephone cost accounting for Federal Government and US Army installations. 

Technology & Management Systems Inc. - Burlington, MA - 1986 to 1990, Programmer and Consultant

John created an application for the National Marine Fisheries Services. Data collected included amount of fish caught, number of marine mammals killed, effort required to land fish, and was used to calculate depletion of fish stocks. Relational database data entry system was developed in R:Base, C, and Assembler on PCs, with data uploaded to a VAX for further processing. He also developed a commercial Management Information System sold to companies and fire departments for tracking facility hazardous chemical inventories (Superfund Act of 1986). Potential hazards from chemical releases were superimposed on maps. In addition, he worked on numerous software projects for FEMA, EPA, FAA, Coast Guard, and Transportation Systems Center (TSC).

IBM - Essex Junction, VT - 1984 to 1986, Process Engineer 

John developed processes for using an Electron-Beam lithography tool to build computer chips. He also used CAD/CAM to layout test circuits. He worked closely with software developers on the next generation of chip design processing software.
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